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our business manufacturing process

a manufacturing process that is fully mastered

OMNI-PAC GROUP recycles used paper and cardboard to produce moulded fibre solutions that contribute to the conservation of natural resources as part of a cyclical process.

OMNI-PAC GROUP has full control over every stage of the process, from raw material collection to customer delivery. Our in-house designed machines and culture of operational excellence, driven by performance and customer satisfaction, ensure that every step is expertly managed.

an 11-stage manufacturing process (for solutions made from recycled paper)


1. Waste recovery

OMNI-PAC GROUP obtains recyclable paper and cardboard for its packaging by collecting it from users. The company recycles over 100,000 tonnes of used paper annually and an additional 1,500 tonnes of other waste.

2. Pulp preparation

This phase involves preparing the material. Recyclable materials are mixed with water in a blender (pulper) to create a fibrous pulp. As part of our energy-efficient and eco-friendly approach, we have developed a closed-circuit, low water consumption system.

3. Filtration

Filtration systems enable us to remove staples, shards of glass, plastic, etc. and ensure that they are properly recycled.

4. Moulding

This is a critical step in the production of moulded fibre packaging. The fibrous pulp is molded using a suction and pressure process that causes the fibers to adhere to a screen, creating a damp, moist fiber web. The design and production of the moulds is done in-house at OMNI-PAC GROUP to ensure that we can offer our customers speed, responsiveness, and competitiveness.

5. Drying

The three-dimensional, wet product is then dried to solidify it and make it ready for use. OMNI-PAC GROUP has a production capacity of over 2 billion units per year, thanks to our high-performance proprietary technology and flexibility.

6. Personalisation

The graphics and marketing department at OMNI-PAC GROUP can provide customized labeling or printing for your products upon request.

7. Packing and palletization

To minimise the risk of errors and maintain competitiveness, the packing lines at OMNI-PAC GROUP are automated (each package is weighed and tracked using barcodes and robots) and overseen by our skilled teams, with palletisation also included.

8. Transport et logistics

The shipping department at OMNI-PAC GROUP is reliable and responsive, with a service rate of over 99%. We deliver a total of more than 12 million packages per year to more than 50 countries worldwide.

9. User

By using eco-friendly packaging (natural, recyclable, compostable) that we provide, users can play a role in preserving the planet without any extra effort on their part.

10. Recyclable waste

Users recycle in accordance with local guidelines.

11. Collection

Waste is collected and consolidated at the local or national level.